The market value of the asset is dependent on changes and fluctuations in the economic and regulatory environment, supply and demand and, more generally, the market. The value determined in the study can not be transposed either in space or in time.

The document is intended to inform the owner of the elements that can contribute to the value of his property. It does not replace information that the owner may otherwise obtain, nor may it be used for any purpose other than its personal information.

Any information that has been distorted, hidden or truncated could influence the results of this study.

The document is drafted by the local correspondent using the method of JESTIMO, an independent body, and approved by it. This is an evaluation method based on the market analysis of your sector. The system identifies the 56,000 sectors making up the French property market. It is updated every month in order to follow market developments as closely as possible. The system is based on the analysis of islands and communes, 15-year sales histories, socio-economic data, property typology, current market study and trends. Controlled reliability is greater than 98% *. This is all the more important for the fair evaluation of your property, that your expert JESTIMO has precise information. The data collected are analyzed by the system allowing you to submit a report "Market study - Real estate value". This personal and confidential document will allow you to calmly start your transaction.

(* Average deviation calculated on sales made)

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